VALENXE leggings athleisure wardrobe must-have


One evening while Véronique was on an overnight train from France to Germany. On a long journey and hardy business trip the exhausted fashionista was wearing black sporty compression leggings and taught how simple it would be to dress-them-up with a cashmere sweater for an early morning meeting, only hours away. “If only it wasn’t for the customary logos and revealing camel-toe, it would be the perfect and most adaptable garment in her wardrobe” Upon her returned Valenxe was born. With several years of sourcing expertise set out to create the most adaptable and versatile leggings with all the specifications modern women would want to transition into every aspect of their life.


VALENXE is inspired by the word valence /vāləns/ meaning intrinsic attractiveness.

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