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Posted on 25 February 2017

With just a few weeks left of winter (we believe in optimism, okay?) I bet you’re already starting to daydream about your 2017 vacation plans. Whether you’re hoping to stretch out on a beach, party hop across Europe or awaken your inner yogi in India, I have three reasons why you should definitely pack your Valenxe leggings.


#1 - The only place you should see a camel toe is on a camel.

It’s obviously not news that leggings are the simplest way to be super comfortable and look great while travelling. But there’s nothing more uncomfortable than the sharp realization that you’ve been traipsing around all day with a visible camel toe.

In the past my strategy for avoiding this awkwardness was to put a girlfriend on “camel-toe duty” to let me know if I was showing a bit too much. But when you’re travelling solo or for work (especially if you’re stuck with a group of your male colleagues) that’s not an option.

Every pair of Valenxe leggings is equipped with an “anti-camel-toe” layer built in to give you peace of mind and ensure that your private part stays private.


#2 - Look hot without being a hot mess.

What’s better than laying around all day on a remote tropical beach? Nothing.

What’s worse than spending four hours on a bus without air conditioning to get to that remote tropical beach? Also nothing. 

Deciding what to wear on a trip like that can be tough. If you wear pants you’ll be trapped inside them for the entire journey and upon arrival you’ll be faced with the real struggle of peeling yourself out of them. If you go with shorts you’ll be cooler but you have to sit with your bare skin pressed against the suspiciously stained fabric on the bus seat. Not ideal.

That’s why I never travel without my Valenxe leggings. They always keep me cool (both literally and figuratively.) The fabric in every pair is breathable and moisture wicking which means you can spend your bus ride enjoying a podcast marathon instead of worrying about sweat.


#3 - You deserve a vacation from your diet.

In the weeks leading up to a big trip (especially when that trip involves wearing a bikini) I always try to step up my fitness and diet routine. It doesn’t always mean going on a full blown cleanse but I definitely try to incorporate more yoga, more vegetables and less refined sugar.

But once I’m on vacation all bets are off! As soon as I’ve passed through airport security I am transformed into a “yes person.” French baguette with butter? Yes. Dutch Fries with mayo? Yes. Long Island Iced Tea? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Luckily Valenxe leggings have graduated compression built into every pair. That means that they’re tight enough to hold in your little imperfections but stretchy enough to give you full range of motion. Basically they will hide the fact that you overindulged at the breakfast buffet without making you feel like you can’t breathe.


Click here to learn more about the science behind Valenxe leggings. You’ll never want to get on a plane, train, bus or rickshaw without them again.



Danielle Lemieux

Danielle is a Canadian born freelance writer,
living in Berlin. Her passions are eating, cooking
and eating some more. Outside of the kitchen
her favorite pastime is getting lost in a new city
on two feet or two wheels.


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