Is it wrong to be in love..with an article of clothing

Posted on 22 March 2017

Is it wrong to be in love with an article of clothing? If so, I am guilty. I have a secret love for my VALENXE leggings. Have you ever owned something that you just want to wear all the time? I mean it’s hard to pull off wearing athletic pants in a hot new bar. Not anymore. My VALENXE look just as good with running shoes as they do with my Jimmy Choo’s. The best part is that I no longer have to worry about those looks that sting when things get a little tight in a certain region, (where my left leg and right leg meet, know what I mean?) 

I am a busy woman with a jam packed schedule. Sometimes I barely have time to grab a bite to eat let alone change my entire outfit. my number one priority is comfort to get me through the day. So how do I do it? I will let you in on a little secret. Many days I wear my leggings straight from a long flight into my first business meeting of the day. Yesterday, I woke up at 5a.m., showered and changed into my leggings that fit like a glove and put on the rest of my outfit equivalent for a run in the park. My dress shoes and top stashed in my carry-on bag, I hurried to my Uber as we dashed off to SFO. When I arrived at JFK, the hustle of the NYC vibe reinvigorated me. I snuck into the rest room for a quick shoe and top change and I was ready to greet Manhattan with confidence. My favorite look is a fashionable sweater with a scarf and “Voila” I have gone from comfortable traveler to a woman on the go. All the while looking fabulous. I swear I would sleep in my VALENXE if I could but that would be taking it too far, or would it?

The best part, is that I am not paying excessive costs for a brand name. I am getting Italian made, quality material with precision cutting and a special foam layer for my lady parts which keep the lines smooth. I am also finally logo free. The athletic logo for anything other than yoga, running or bustling around town is a dead giveaway. The logo-less look is the new cool. I looked everywhere for something this versatile and now that I have found my new BFF leggings, I have them in every color. I didn’t even get a chance to go into how the compression fit miraculously sculpts me in all the right places to slim me down.

Reasonable price. Fashionable statement. Shop all your VALENXE essentials now.


Kathleen O'Hara


Kathleen is a woman of action, writer and lover of
anything outdoors. She is just as happy swimming
in the ocean as she is hiking in the Santa Cruz
mountains. A true native Californian, she claims
she could live off of avocados, fish tacos and wine!

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