Coffee Conundrum..

Posted on 12 March 2017

As the sweat drips off your forehead, you take a swig of the cool bottled water. It flows down your throat, sweetly refreshing, and you contemplate whether you have time for a quick shower. A glance at your watch and you know you don’t, but the thought of missing that much overdue coffee date with your bestie out-weighs your just-gymed attire and appearance.

You have had a heavy workout, and sneaking a look at your very wet racer back, you hesitate between a quick shower, and another possible option.

As you splash your face with water, getting rid of most of the perspiration, you decide on the other option. Quickly changing from your sweat-stained top into a loose crisp shirt, you check yourself out in the full-length mirror. While this isn’t the norm, you know that your VALENXE leggings will help you pull off that desired casual, but sporty look.

A latte or two later and you’re still feeling fresh.

Thank you VALENXE!


VALENXE leggings are designed to allow you to move smoothly and confidently between any dress situation.   From gym to coffee date, from casual/trainer wear, to an evening in heels, the versatility and comfortable aspect of our VALENXE leggings will have you wondering how you managed before at all.

In addition, the trade marked CONCĒLĀRE, which is a built-in anti-camel-toe layer, will assist you in feeling comfortable and confident, no matter the dress code. With a need to rid our female gender of embarrassing moments, the CONCĒLĀREdesign was innovated. 

As exercise gear, the VALENXE range of leggings proves to be a worthy gym partner. Your body needs all the support it can get whilst partaking in exercise programs. With leggings that, not only hold your muscles in a supportive manner, but also allow your skin to breath and avoid swelling, you can be assured of a workout that will make you wish you had a few pairs.

If you look back into the fashion police of wardrobes, the legging has stood the test of time. Sure, she has morphed and adjusted to the whims of fashion gurus and starlets alike, but the legging will forever form part of our ensembles.

There is nothing sexier and more feminine than legs and a curved butt coated in tightly fitting material. However, this lovely picture can be very quickly, and very embarrassingly, killed, as soon as you turn around.

With a perfectly engineered design and strategically placed concealing cover, VALENXE leggings will hide that natural but revealing little eyesore.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We love the female form, but there is a time and place for everything. With such slang names like ‘jean taco’, love mound, deer hoof, and … okay … I think you get the message; it is good to know there is a way out of this awkward fashion faux pas.

Simply don a pair of VALENXE leggings and you’re sitting pretty, with not a care in the world.

Well, at least when it comes to that area!

VALENXE leggings are one such item you simply should have as part of your everyday wardrobe.

Try a pair today and never look back!

Lisa Bell

Lisa is an avid runner, published writer and
dreamer from Cape Town. When she’s not writing
or doing dance-inspired workouts, this gym-goer 
is always looking for the next new thing to try.

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